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In 2017, Museigen Training Academy Inc. started its educational programs, teaching and educating Filipinos about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

In June 2018, we became an officially registered Philippine company with the online brand Museigen.io. Our mission is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in rapidly expanding technology sectors, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as in the dynamic world of business, finance, and entrepreneurship.

What We Do?

At Museigen.io, as a learning and education platform, we offer diverse transformational programs designed to expand knowledge and enrich personal development. Our coverage spans a wide range of topics from financial literacy, business, entrepreneurship, and the latest advancements in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Web3, and more. Our platform provides the ideal environment for our community members to learn and thrive, from engaging seminars and workshops to interactive webinars and online training & coaching sessions.

We elevate our community members through exclusive webinars, certification programs in collaboration with industry partners, and community access, enabling them to succeed.
In addition, as a Growth Marketing Campaign service provider, we empower businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs through the use of advanced digital marketing solutions. Our expertise includes organic and paid marketing initiatives, strategic planning, sales & marketing funnel building & development, and growth marketing campaigns.
Our programs are designed to be comprehensive and compelling, ensuring that our clients receive the finest support and resources in elevating and growing their businesses. At Museigen.io, our core values revolve around bridging the gap between knowledge and growth.

Museigen.io Key Milestones

At Museigen.io, we continue to keep our promise to provide you with an endless wellspring of knowledge and information. Our journey has been one of constant growth and evolution, and we’re excited to have you join us on this amazing journey.



Informally started our learning programs, teaching about blockchain and cryptocurrency in the Philippines, helping educate beginners to understand the technology.


Officially launched our training programs, seminars, workshops, meet-ups & networking events to help increase the awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency locally and globally.


Expanded our brand globally by accepting invitations to be a keynote speaker, including Thailand (Cryptocurrency Expo 2017 - Bangkok August 2017), Vietnam (Blockchain Academy Convention - June 2018), Hong Kong (Passive Income Conference by TGFI - September 2018), and many more.


We started to partner and collaborate with other companies, big brands, and communities in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space, as well as in the business and entrepreneurship sector, helping them introduce their products and services in the local market.


Museigen Training Academy, Inc. is officially registered in the Philippines using Museigen.io as an online brand.


Organized and launched a series of digital events, inviting different well-known experts and speakers in various sectors, including business coaches, finance experts, entrepreneurs and experts in technological advancements.


We started our weekly social media live sessions featuring expert speakers, expanding our topics and discussions, including finance, personal development, e-sports, and more. These sessions served to highlight that Museigen was more than just cryptocurrency and blockchain and that being part of our community would allow you to gain exposure to other fields as well.


Given the changing environment, we pivoted and infused our organization with more innovation, educational excellence, and new service offerings. These new educational programs are carefully designed to facilitate immersive learning from industry experts across various fields. Our innovative marketing campaigns were designed to empower businesses in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, web3, and related sectors, enabling them to expand their horizons.


We expanded our horizons by introducing our Media Channel and Publications, a natural extension of our learning and marketing platform. This new feature is a knowledge platform offering diverse content categories to educate. Aside from that, our publications feature articles that focus on industry trends, the latest news shaping the landscape, insights into notable events, thought podcasts, and official press releases.


We officially launched our Events Calendar page. This central hub serves as a center for all events happening in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, fintech, and related sectors. It empowers individuals to explore upcoming events in these exciting fields and opens doors for businesses to expand their event reach through our dynamic platform.

Companies & Communities
We have partnered and collaborated with through the years.

The Story Behind the Name "Museigen"

Back in 2017, as we set out on the adventure of naming our company, we knew that our choice had to reflect the very essence of our vision: to provide unlimited knowledge and information to empower and educate people about the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the latest technological advancements. It was in this quest for a name that would resonate with our vision that we stumbled upon the perfect inspiration – the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who had chosen a pseudonym that was both intriguing and impactful.

Intrigued by the idea of blending Japanese culture and technology, we decided to explore Japanese names, as they often carry a deep sense of meaning and history. Our relentless pursuit led us to the word “Museigen,” a name that instantly resonated with our mission to provide unlimited learning and information.

“Museigen” originates from a Japanese word that signifies “limitless” or “unlimited.” It captures the core of what we stood for, a commitment to breaking down the boundaries of knowledge, ensuring that information flows freely, and learning knows no limits. This name embodied our aspiration to be a line for knowledge that knew no bounds.

At Museigen.io, we continue to keep our promise to provide you with an endless wellspring of knowledge and information. Our journey has been one of constant growth and evolution, and we’re excited to have you join us on this amazing journey.

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