CryptoBilis | GCash | BCP | Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party

Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party: Insights and Networking at GCash HQ

The evening was marked by exclusivity and anticipation as we stepped into the chic GCash headquarters, setting the stage for a unique Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party experience.

The GCash team warmly greeted us and led us to their pantry, where the delicious aroma of Papa John’s Pizza filled the air. The room buzzed with laughter and lively conversations as we enjoyed these famous pizzas—originally bought for 10,000 Bitcoins—and refreshing drinks.

CryptoBilis | GCash | BCP | Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party
CryptoBilis | GCash | BCP | Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party

The event was graced by esteemed industry professionals, including Patrik Ferrer, co-founder of The Round Table, and the Tambay Lang Team, who contributed their unique perspectives.

Luis Buenaventura started the presentations by explaining why investing is important and why Bitcoin’s price has changed so much. He pointed out that, unlike traditional markets, the crypto market never closes, giving us a new way to think about money.

Arravind Prabu, CEO and co-founder of Cryptobilis, shared what his company does and gave us a sneak peek of their fun Pizza Day parties.

CryptoBilis | GCash | BCP | Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party
CryptoBilis | GCash | BCP | Bitcoin Pizza Day Pre-Party

We also heard from Tambay Lang NFT, who discussed their projects in the NFT community and surprised everyone by announcing that all attendees were automatically added to the whitelist for their new season.

Before the night ended, Luis introduced some new features of GCrypto. One feature helps you see if you’re making or losing money, shown in pesos or percentages. Another feature lets you check your GCrypto transaction history.

To conclude the evening, we mingled with other attendees, enjoying more pizza and drinks. It was a fun and insightful evening that showed how Bitcoin’s price changes can impact our lives.




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