Podcast episode featuring Attorney Rhys Murillo discussing sexual harassment laws and workplace rights.

Empowering Voices: A Comprehensive Look at Sexual Harassment Laws and Workplace Rights with Attorney Rhys Murillo

In this episode, Fermin D. Barrenechea III steps in for his co-host James, introducing the guest, Attorney Rhys Murillo, a CPA lawyer with extensive experience in legal departments across various industries, currently heading compliance and legal affairs at Nissan. The discussion centers on the legal framework around sexual harassment, highlighting its prevalence in workplaces not just in the Philippines but globally, referencing the Hollywood cases for context.

Attorney Murillo notes an increase in sexual harassment reports post-pandemic, affecting both men and women, with a significant portion not reported due to fear of retaliation and stigma, particularly for male victims. He emphasizes the importance of companies establishing precise, accessible reporting mechanisms to encourage reporting and protect all parties involved. Murillo stresses that sexual harassment is about power dynamics rather than sexual desire alone.

The legal frameworks in the Philippines, established by the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995 and expanded by the Safe Spaces Act of 2019, are discussed. These laws cover various behaviors, extending protections beyond the workplace to public spaces and educational institutions. However, Murillo points out challenges in implementation, suggesting that cultural factors, victim shaming, and machismo significantly impact the effectiveness of these laws.

Murillo calls for companies to proactively implement policies and provide gender sensitivity training to prevent harassment and create a safer workplace. He also advocates for protection for accused individuals, highlighting the severe consequences of false allegations. The podcast wraps up with Murillo advising those facing harassment to seek legal counsel for a comprehensive assessment, underscoring the complexity of legal advice and the importance of a detailed understanding of individual cases.




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