GMA Network’s AI Sportscasters Stir Debate on Media’s Future

GMA Network has stepped into the future of broadcasting with the launch of AI-generated sportscasters Maia and Marco, sparking widespread discussions and debates on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in media. This innovative move, announced ahead of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Season 99, aims to deliver top-notch news and updates on both local and international sports featuring Filipino athletes across various social media platforms of GMA Integrated News, GMA Sports, and GMA Synergy.

AI and Sports Broadcasting: A Dynamic Duo 

Maia and Marco, the pioneering AI sportscasters, are created using cutting-edge technologies like Image Generation, Text-to-Speech AI Voice Synthesis/Generation, and Deep Learning Face Animation Technology. They are set to enhance the sports viewing experience, offering a fresh and modern approach to presenting sports news and updates.

Public Reaction: A Mix of Excitement and Concern 

The introduction of AI sportscasters has ignited diverse opinions on social media, with some praising the initiative as a futuristic leap and others expressing concerns over AI’s capability to interact with viewers and its potential impact on employment in the media sector.

AI in Media: A Global Trend 

The incorporation of AI in news presenting is a concept that has yet to be developed, with several countries like China, South Korea, and India, already exploring AI newsreaders. GMA Network’s venture is in sync with this global trend, aiming to refine and revolutionize the way sports news is delivered.

Enhancing Coverage, Not Replacing Humans 

Oliver Victor B. Amoroso, GMA Network Senior Vice and Head of Integrated News, emphasized that Maia and Marco are here to augment NCAA’s coverage, not replace human journalists. “They can never replace our seasoned broadcasters and colleagues who are the lifeblood of our organization,” Amoroso stated, highlighting the network’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of reporting while embracing technological advancements.

AI: A Tool for Innovation and Creativity 

Ramil Escarda, NMI Studios Head of Creatives, and Aileen Rae Perez, Assistant Vice President and Deputy Head for GMA Integrated News Social Media, echoed the sentiment, stating that AI serves as an innovative platform to present information and does not intend to overshadow human reporters. They believe that AI can coexist with traditional media, offering creative ways to deliver news and fostering a healthy discourse on the role of generative AI in modern journalism.

A Diverse and Dynamic Team 

Maia and Marco will work alongside the television commentary team and courtside reporters, including NCAA hosts Anton Roxas, Martin Javier, and Coach Hammer Antonio, and a mix of new and returning courtside reporters, enriching the sports broadcasting landscape with diverse perspectives and insights.

A Glimpse into the Future of Broadcasting 

Maia and Marco will debut in the “NCAA Season 99: New Heroes of the Game Opening Ceremony,” promising to offer viewers a unique and enriched sports viewing experience. This initiative by GMA Network is a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI in media, blending technology and creativity to reshape how we consume sports content.


GMA Network’s introduction of AI sportscasters is a groundbreaking move, blending technology and sports broadcasting to offer a fresh perspective to viewers. While the initiative has sparked debates on the role of AI in media, it also opens up possibilities for innovative content delivery, setting the stage for the future of broadcasting. Whether you’re excited about the futuristic approach or concerned about the implications, there’s no denying that Maia and Marco are stirring the pot, making us rethink the boundaries of technology and media.


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