Attendees engaged in a panel discussion at the 'Bull Meets Bear' event during Thailand Blockchain Week.

Highlights from the ‘Bull Meets Bear’ Event at Thailand Blockchain Week

Have you missed the excitement at the ‘Bull Meets Bear’ themed ICP & OffChain Side Event during Thailand Blockchain Week? Let’s catch you up on what happened in Bangkok!

On November 10, 2023, the Anantara Siam Hotel buzzed with energy as key players in the blockchain world gathered for an event hosted by some notable names in the industry.

-A sleek stage setup for the Bull Meets Bear event

First, SynergyLabs is the driving force in promoting Internet Computer Protocol in Thailand and Malaysia. Supported by the DFINITY Foundation, they’re about nurturing the blockchain scene, attracting everyone from hardcore developers to curious newcomers.

Then there’s OffChain Global, the community builders stitching together a global network of Web3 professionals. They’re the go-to for anyone looking to dive into Web3, whether starting a company, snagging a fantastic job, or just upping your blockchain chat game.

Atato made their mark, too. Known for their top-notch digital asset custody solutions for Web3 SMEs and institutions, they’re big on security and innovation in the blockchain custody space. Think ‘Bring Your Own Chain’ levels of cool.

APAC DAO was there, representing their vast B2B community in the Web3 world. With members from over 15 APAC countries, they’re all about educating and supporting high-quality blockchain projects.

Last, Plutope shared its vision of making crypto payments daily, bridging the digital and fiat currency worlds.

Among these blockchain giants, was one of the many participants that evening, joining a diverse crowd of enthusiasts and professionals engaged in the world of blockchain and Web3.

-Museigen’s Co-Founder/CMO, Leah Tinoco and Museigen’s Founder/CEO, Jonathan Tinoco

The evening started with exciting announcements from SynergyLabs, followed by insightful presentations from Plutope. But the real highlight was the panel discussion featuring big names like Dr. Pichapen Prateepavanich and Jacques Democrate, diving deep into the future of blockchain.

-Panel discussions at the Bull Meets Bear event

Amidst serious discussions, there was room for laughter with a stand-up comedy session and plenty of networking opportunities to mingle with the best in the business.

So, even if you couldn’t make it to the ‘Bull Meets Bear’ event, this recap brings you the essence of an evening where the brightest minds in blockchain came together to explore, share, and shape the future of this exciting field!



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