Museigen Training Academy Inc. and 9 CAT DIGITAL Co. Ltd. partnership announcement, symbolizing a collaborative future in blockchain education and Web3 solutions.

Museigen Training Academy Inc. Announces Partnership with 9 CAT DIGITAL Co. Ltd.

Museigen Training Academy Inc., one of the pioneers in blockchain and digital education in the Philippines, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with 9 CAT DIGITAL Co. Ltd., a leading Web3-based solutions provider in Thailand.

About the Partners

Museigen Training Academy Inc.

Based in the Philippines, Museigen operates under the online brand, specializing in educational platforms for financial literacy, entrepreneurship, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Web3


    • Location: Bangkok, Thailand.
    • Specialization: 9 CAT DIGITAL offers a comprehensive one-stop service for Web3-based solutions. Their team includes experts in smart contracts, NFT systems, data analysis, research, tokenomics, and marketing. They excel in building local and global communities, connecting with global VCs, launchpads, influencers, and providing legal consulting in Thailand. 9 CAT DIGITAL collaborates globally to scale clients’ projects.
    • Services: Providing extensive support to startups and entrepreneurs, 9 CAT DIGITAL is committed to elevating businesses to new heights.
    • Website: 9 CAT DIGITAL 
Partnership Highlights
  • Marketing Synergy: 9 CAT DIGITAL will offer influencer marketing and community moderating services to Museigen in the Philippines.
  • Event Collaboration: Both partners will co-host educational and blockchain-related events in Bangkok, with 9 CAT DIGITAL providing media support.
Mutual Benefits
  • Market Expansion: Both Museigen and 9 CAT DIGITAL will expand their market presence in the Philippines and Thailand, respectively.
  • Network Expansion: Access to each other’s networks, enhancing mutual growth and expansion opportunities.
  • Event Collaboration: Jointly hosting educational and technology-focused events in Bangkok.
  • Media Support: Prominent media support and listing of events on 9 CAT DIGITAL’s platforms.
A Vision for the Future

This partnership signifies a strong collaboration in blockchain and digital education, fostering a synergistic environment for Museigen and 9 CAT DIGITAL to flourish in their respective markets.

Stay updated on this collaborative journey by visiting and 9 CAT DIGITAL’s website.



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