Image showing a cryptocurrency donation process through PDAX Donate platform, with the Philippine Red Cross logo in the background.

Philippine Red Cross Partners with PDAX Platform for Cryptocurrency Donations

PDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has introduced a feature called PDAX Donate, facilitating seamless cryptocurrency donations for non-profit organizations like the PRC. This advancement ensures swift and efficient support, reducing waiting times and improving transparency.

Richard Gordon, Chair and CEO of the Philippine Red Cross, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with PDAX to enable Filipinos to donate and support vital humanitarian efforts, emphasizing the potential for technology to enhance charitable impact.

Contributed cryptocurrency donations are swiftly converted into Philippine Pesos and directly transferred to the PRC’s bank account through PDAX Donate. This method offers a faster, cost-effective channel for receiving crypto donations without minimum balance requirements, thereby transforming the donation process to one that is immediate, efficient, and conducive to positive change.

PDAX Donate addresses the challenges faced by foreign donors when sending funds to Philippine-based groups, providing access to NGOs for a global donor community. Supporting 37 tokens, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple, PDAX Donate offers a swift and cost-effective solution.

Nichel Gaba, CEO of PDAX, highlighted the benefits of cryptocurrency donations, citing their transparency through traceable blockchain records, quicker transactions, and global accessibility. He emphasized that reduced costs and decentralization enable more funds to support charitable causes directly, streamlining the donation process and increasing efficiency.

To donate through PDAX Donate:

  1. Visit PDAX Donate and select from a range of NGO partners.
  2. Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to donate and input your pledge amount.
  3. Provide your details and specify the purpose of your donation.
  4. Complete the transaction by scanning the QR code, copying the wallet address, and sending it from your preferred exchange or crypto wallet.




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Source: Donors can now donate crypto to Red Cross via PDAX


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