Telegram Launches 'Stars' Token for Seamless In-App Transactions

Telegram Launches ‘Stars’ Token for Seamless In-App Transactions

Telegram has recently introduced a new utility token called “Stars,” designed for in-app purchases, accessing services, and playing games within the app. This move showcases the potential of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions and creates a new revenue stream for game developers active on the Telegram platform.


To acquire Stars, users can make in-app purchases through Apple, Google, or the PremiumBot. Currently, Stars can be utilized to purchase digital products offered by bots, such as e-books and online courses, as well as items in Telegram games. In the next update, Stars will also be usable for buying in-game items on mini-apps. Notably, at present, only Durger King accepts Stars within the mini-app ecosystem.


With approximately 400 million users interacting with bots and mini-apps on Telegram each month, the platform boasts significant user engagement. Users can enjoy games like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat without the need to download them as standalone apps.


Telegram’s vision emphasizes the importance of fast, user-friendly payments for digital goods and services. The bot and mini-app platform aspires to allow new types of businesses to reach over 900 million potential customers within Telegram.


In the future, Telegram plans to enable developers to convert Stars earned by their bots and mini-games into $TON through Fragment. Additionally, users will soon be able to use Stars to show their appreciation and support for creators on the platform.




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