Telegram's New Revenue Stream: Toncoin Ads

Telegram’s New Revenue Stream: Toncoin Ads

In recent news, Telegram, the popular messaging app, has introduced an exciting new feature that empowers channel owners to earn money in Toncoin, the app’s digital currency. This new feature is accessible to channel owners with a minimum of 1,000 followers, who can now receive 50% of the revenue generated by ads in Toncoin.

Telegram’s new payment system is a game-changer for channel owners. It allows them to purchase ads with Toncoin, giving them full control over their advertising strategy. This comes at a time when other cryptocurrencies are facing a downward trend. However, Toncoin has demonstrated remarkable resilience, surging by 1.3% in just 24 hours on Monday. This underscores the potential of Toncoin as a reliable and promising digital currency.

Channel owners with a significant subscriber base can easily cash out their earnings. You can withdraw your earnings without fees through the Telegram-affiliated Fragment exchange. This flexibility allows you to use your earnings as you see fit without being limited to Telegram-specific purchases.

Telegram’s TON blockchain technology is useful for gaming and the meme coin Notcoin. The platform has a vast number of views on its channels each month, and this new way to share revenue will make the platform even more attractive to creators. Ton Foundation’s investment director, Justin Hyun, believes that Telegram’s Mini Apps that use blockchain technology could attract more people to the blockchain. Their goal is to reach 500 million users by 2028 by making it easier for everyone to use blockchain applications.




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Source: Telegram enables Toncoin for ad payments, shares profits with channels


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