Peter Ungson sharing insights on investing in collectibles, preserving their value, and transitioning to digital collectibles.

The Fascinating Journey into Collectibles: From Childhood Treasures to Financial Rewards

Have you ever considered those comic books or NBA trading cards you collected as a kid? Imagine turning those childhood treasures into cash today!

In one of our episodes, our guest, Peter Ungson, took us on an exciting journey into the world of collectibles. With a rich background spanning from industrial engineering at LaSalle to managing a Caltex station and even owning a 7-Eleven franchise, Peter’s business adventures are as varied as they are impressive. But it’s not just about gas stations and convenience stores; he’s also ventured into hair salons, restaurants, and property investments.

Peter shared his personal experiences, emphasizing that while earning from these items is excellent, the joy and passion truly matter. Unlike stocks, where you can see quicker returns, collectibles are a game of patience. Their value grows over time, not overnight.

He introduced us to the idea of the “second whim.” It’s that moment when items from the past become popular again, driven by a wave of nostalgia. Think about toys or cards that were all the rage two decades ago, making a comeback as adults introduce them to their kids.

Taking care of collectibles is crucial. Whether it’s storing comic books to prevent them from turning yellow or ensuring that collectible cars are in tip-top shape, it’s all about preserving their value.

The chat also touched on the new world of digital collectibles, like NFTs. While Peter has yet to enter this realm, comparing tangible and digital collectibles sparked an intriguing discussion.

In a nutshell, the universe of collectibles is both vast and captivating. Whether your passion lies in stamps, cars, or paintings, the mantra is simple: collect what you love, take good care of it, and be patient. As Peter wisely said, “Collect what brings you joy and watch its value grow over time.”

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