Join the Adventure: Play-to-Rice and the Daily Bounty Board

Join the Adventure: Play-to-Rice and the Daily Bounty Board

Have you heard about the latest buzz surrounding the Daily Bounty Boards in our digital communities? These boards are packed with daily tasks that offer AXS rewards to players passionate about exploring the Axie universe!

Introducing the Axie Daily Bounty Board

Are you ready for an exciting new adventure every day? The Daily Bounty Board is like a treasure map with fresh quests waiting for you to complete. Once you finish these daily missions, you can earn points and claim AXS rewards. It’s like a weekly giveaway or even your Axie Basic Income!

They aim to extend a massive thank you to all the fantastic Lunacians who are driving their digital realm forward. Every little action you take in the Axie universe counts, and now, they’re offering you a well-deserved pat on the back! 

A Brief Message from Jihoz about the Daily Bounty Board 

Jihoz would love to invite everyone to join the fun, regardless of whether you own three Axies or more. It’s all about encouraging more people to join Axie and web3. Jihoz also hinted that if this Bounty Board succeeds, they might add different tasks tailored to other players!


The Lowdown on Daily Bounties
Let’s explore these bounties. They’ve got four starters for you to tackle every day:
  1. Pray to Atia: Simply sign in and click a button to offer a prayer. It’s quick and easy! 
  2. Roll a Pouch: Have you heard of the Garuda Shrine Shop? You can roll a Lucky or Premium Pouch there. 3. Win a PvP Battle in Axie Classic: Show off your skills and defeat an opponent in Axie Classic. 
  3. Win a PvP Battle in Axie Origins: It’s the same deal, but it’s in Axie Origins this time.
Remember, after you finish a bounty, you must click “Verify” on the Bounty Board to claim your points!
  1. Head over to App. Axie. 
  2. Find the sidebar and click on “Bounty Board.” 
  3. Complete your daily bounties. 
  4. Click “Verify” on the Bounty Board once you’re done. 
  5. And voila! Wait for the weekly AXS claim period to open on Wednesdays to claim your rewards.

This is a friendly reminder that daily bounties reset every day at 03:00 UTC (10 PM EST or 11 AM PH time). Also, remember that the weekly AXS claim opens every Wednesday at the same time. Additionally, you need at least three Axies in your wallet to receive those points, so keep them handy!

Bounties, Points, and Rewards 


The more bounties you complete, the more points you earn, and the more AXS rewards you can claim! Monitor your estimated AXS rewards on your dashboard; they update in real-time. Here’s how it works: 

(User’s Earned Points / Total Ecosystem Earned Points) x Weekly Reward Pool

For instance, if you earn 70 points weekly and 10,000 other Lunacians earn points, that’s 700,000 points. Divide 70 by 700,000, and you’ll get your share of the pie. Multiply that by the total AXS up for grabs, and there you have it—your reward! 

Final Thoughts 

This Bounty Board is just the beginning, folks! We’re considering adding even more thrilling quests tailored to different types of players. Who knows? Your points might unlock many exciting rewards in the future, such as exclusive spots in Ronin games or snazzy badges. The possibilities are endless!


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