DAOCre-8 team celebrating their achievement at the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon, representing Filipino innovation in blockchain technology.

Philippine Team DAOCre-8 Shines at Solana Hackathon with Innovative Blockchain Platform

The Philippine development team, DAOCre-8, has made a remarkable impact by securing a fourth place at the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon. Competing in a field of over 7,000 participants from 120 countries, DAOCre-8 clinched the DAOs & Network States category, bagging a prize of USD 10,000.

The hackathon, hosted by the blockchain pioneer Solana, was designed to foster the development of new projects within its dynamic ecosystem. Blockchain technology, a decentralized digital ledger, supports various applications, from financial transactions to digital collectibles.

DAOCre-8, led by Emmanuel Lorenzo Bonuan (EL), Theo Roque, and their team, crafted a unique platform that merges traditional crowdfunding with the decentralized governance of blockchain, aiming to empower artists in launching their projects.

Understanding DAOCre-8’s Vision

Imagine a platform where creators, like bespoke cake makers, can detail their projects and seek funding. On DAOCre-8’s platform, backers can contribute financially and might receive custom-made strawberry shortcakes as a token of appreciation. Each project is backed by a DAO, creating a community around the creator and supporters. Governance is key, with funds being released in stages based on the DAO’s decisions on progress reports and project adjustments. This move gives backers the control to retract their funds if project milestones are at risk.

The Founders’ Journey to Success

EL’s vision for a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform emerged in 2021, but market conditions delayed its launch. Over the next two years, he and his co-founders faced setbacks in various ventures and competitions. To make ends meet, they juggled multiple jobs while nurturing their startup dreams.

A turning point came when they joined a chat group by BLOKC, a Web3 talent incubator. This connection led to the formation of DAOCre-8, which rapidly progressed from an idea to a functional platform in just 45 days. Creators are now invited to join the waitlist to explore the platform’s capabilities.

Redefining Filipino Tech Talent on the Global Stage

DAOCre-8’s mission extends beyond innovation; it’s about changing the narrative that Filipinos are limited to low-cost labor. The team is determined to showcase Filipino prowess in tech and Web3 globally.

Supportive communities like The BLOKC offer networking and skill development resources, enabling Filipinos to engage with international Web3 companies and earn competitive global wages.

DAOCre-8’s success story is not just a win for the team but a beacon for the Philippine tech industry, signaling the potential and power of Filipino tech talent on the world stage.



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