Thailand FinTech Festival Asia 2023 Event Highlights

It’s a wrap! Fintech Festival Thailand 2023 has concluded, and what an incredible journey it was! We had the unique opportunity to explore the world of financial technology, and we are excited to share our experiences and insights with you! If you couldn’t make it, fear not! We’re here to recount the exhilarating moments when innovation collided with finance, and brilliant minds gathered to sculpt the future of fintech.

A Global Convergence

Held at Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand, on September 27–28, 2023, the festival served as a global symposium and a powerhouse of insights, innovations, and collaboration in the fintech industry. 

Walking into the festival, we could feel the energy radiating from the attendees, all gathered from different corners of Southeast Asia such as in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The room was filled with anticipation and the promise of discovery in a realm where banking, payments, AI, digital assets, and blockchain converge. Can you imagine the wealth of knowledge and insights under one roof? It was like stepping into a treasure trove of innovations and trends shaping the future of finance! in Action was privileged to be one of the community partners for this event, allowing us to spend time and learn from some of the brightest minds in finance and technology.

Our founder, Jonathan Tinoco, played a pivotal role, sharing profound insights on “Effective Strategies for Building and Nurturing Online Communities in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Web3 Space” and leading a crucial panel discussion titled “Empowering Players: Community Governance in Web 3 Games & NFTs.”

Panel Discussion Highlights

The discussion dove deep into various aspects of community governance in Web 3 games and NFTs, exploring its benefits, potential risks, and the role of NFTs in enabling community governance. It provided a holistic view of the subject, rich with examples of successful community-driven projects and insights into the impact of community-driven decision-making on the gaming and NFT industries.

Exhibition Space and Networking

Photo grabbed from Fintech Festival Asia’s Facebook Page

The exhibition floor was a hive of activity, filled with booths from leading companies in Southeast Asia and worldwide. It offered exhibitors and attendees a chance to represent themselves or interact face-to-face. The festival also provided a unique earn-and-learn platform for the Global FinTech community to exchange insights and experiences, fostering a favorable casual environment ripe with tremendous networking opportunities and options for P2P communication. It was a melting pot of ideas and collaborations where attendees could connect, learn, and grow.

Welcome and Gala Night Party

Photo grabbed from Fintech Festival Asia’s Facebook Page

The welcome party served as the first meeting spot with the industry. In this informal setting, attendees could catch up, meet, and greet each other, providing a unique opportunity to make introductions before the main event. The gala night party was a seamless blend of networking and entertainment, allowing attendees to relax after a busy event day and creating an event experience like no other.

Reflection and Conclusion

Walking away from the festival, we felt enriched and excited about the future of FinTech. Fintech Festival Thailand 2023 was more than an event; it was a transformative journey, a symphony of ideas, and a canvas of innovations, revealing the boundless possibilities in FinTech. It painted a future where technology and finance intertwine to create a more efficient, inclusive world.

This event was a revelation, an experience of the evolution of FinTech, and a community shaping the future of finance. If you are intrigued by the revolutionary changes in the fintech industry, watch for the next Fintech Festival. It’s a journey through the wonders of FinTech, an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss! And who knows? We’ll see you there next time, exploring the uncharted territories of FinTech together! How exciting would that be?


Disclaimer: “The articles on this website reflect the opinions of the respective writers and are not the opinion of In addition, nothing in this article should be considered as financial advice. It is essential to conduct your independent research and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any financial decisions.”

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