Amando Boncales discussing the transformative power of blockchain and Web 3 education in a podcast setting.

Unlocking the Blockchain Enigma: Why Education is the Key

Buckle up for another exciting episode where the worlds of education, blockchain, and Web 3 collide spectacularly! We’re joined by the dynamo Amando Boncales, CEO of Althash University, who’s not just changing the game in blockchain education – he’s rewriting the rules. This chat is a digital rollercoaster ride with co-hosts Fermin D. Barrenechea III of and James Genove, aka the Resistance Trader.

Amando Boncales is a man on a mission. With over 8,000 professionals geared up for the Web 3 economy under his belt, he’s the maestro of blockchain at Althash University. His passion? It’s bringing the future of Web 3 to everyone’s doorstep through accessible, innovative education.

As we dive into the depths of blockchain’s future, Boncales paints a picture so bright you’ll need shades. In his eyes, Blockchain isn’t just a part of the digital fabric – it’s the thread that weaves the entire tapestry of the fourth Industrial Revolution. From cryptocurrencies to the spellbinding world of the metaverse, where virtual and reality dance a tantalizing tango, Boncales sees blockchain and AI as the dynamic duo of the digital age.

But wait, there’s more! The conversation zips into sectors where blockchain and Web 3 education are becoming hotter than a summer in the Sahara. Think gaming, healthcare, governance – you name it, blockchain’s there, transforming everything like a digital Midas.

Boncales then hits us with a truth bomb about the BPO sector: it’s time to level up or get left behind. In a future where AI does the heavy lifting of repetitive tasks, upskilling isn’t just a good idea – it’s a survival strategy. Boncales’ message is clear: Adapt or become a digital dinosaur.

We also get the scoop on how governments and educational institutions are (slowly but surely) catching the blockchain train. Boncales champions the cause of collaboration between government sectors and innovators like Althash University and Museigen. The goal is to weave blockchain and Web 3 into the very fabric of curriculums and professional development.

As we wrap up this whirlwind of wisdom, Boncales throws open the virtual doors of Althash University. It’s an invitation to leap onto the blockchain bandwagon and secure a spot in tomorrow’s digital economy.

This episode is more than talk – it’s a high-octane call to action for professionals, industries, and dreamers everywhere. Tune in and get ready to be swept away by Amando Boncales’ vision of a world where blockchain isn’t just the future – it’s the pulsating present.



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